Sóller lies in the valley of sweet oranges

Lemon trees and orange trees wherever you look – welcome to Sóller’s orange grove valley! This is a special place behind the mountains on the north-western coast of Majorca. It’s in a valley basin surrounded by several thousand mountains of the Tramuntana mountain range. The town has around 13,700 inhabitants who’ve chosen this piece of land to call home – and with good reason. What an atmosphere in the main square! Here in the Plaça de sa Constitució, the mighty parish church of Sant Bartomeu is the undisputed centre of attention. Built in the 13th century on the remains of a mosque, this church underwent many changes and is absolutely enchanting with its Catalan modernista façade (the Catalan modernism style is comparable to Jugendstil or art nouveau).

Real Estate Mallorca – Sóller

Ready to experience the Sóller atmosphere

Cafés and bars gather around the church, inviting you to stop for a freshly-squeezed orange juice – and where could be better than here? So why not have a seat in one of the many wicker chairs and just drink in the Sóller atmosphere. Don’t be surprised…because sooner or later, the town’s nostalgia-inspiring tram will rumble past as you sip your drink. It’s heading off to Port de Sóller, which is the town’s harbour about five kilometres away – and it’s been doing that since 1913, by the way. The tram started operating just one year later than the historic train from Palma to Sóller, and it has no intention of giving up yet.

Creamy ice cream, liquid gold

A little further – across from the market hall – you will find the Fàbrica de Gelats. This is an ice cream factory that’s known all over the island, providing cool refreshment in the form of around 40 varieties of homemade ice cream. There’s one particular variety with a creamy melting texture and an extra-intensive citrus flavour…

The fertile valley is not only ideal for oranges to flourish but also for olive trees. To reveal how the “liquid gold” is extracted from the crop, you could have a look into the Sant Bartomeu agricultural cooperative or the Ca’n Det olive mill from 1561.

Red “gambas” from Sóller

These red-coloured deep-sea shrimp, which are caught off the coast here, have practically become a culinary trademark of Sóller. They are one of the finest delicacies on the island. When the conversation turns to this full-flavoured seafood, you’ll always notice the eyes of foodies lighting up. Sóller “gambas” are considered a gourmet product par excellence. Sweet, juicy and fresh from the sea, they seduce the palate.

Miró, Klee and Léger at the Ca’n Prunera museum

If you’re interested in the plant world, the botanic garden Jardí Botànic de Sóller is the place to discover plenty of interesting information about plants from Majorca, the Mediterranean region and the Canary Islands. There’s no lack of art in Sóller either. Check out the Ca’n Prunera museum, which was once the modernista residence of a wealthy family. Hanging there, you can find works by great masters of the 19th and 20th centuries such as Joan Miró, Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec, Paul Klee and Fernand Léger.

Feel like a trip? Don’t miss Cap Formentor and Torrent de Pareis!

The island of Majorca offers many stunning routes that you can experience by car, but one of the most enthralling is the road from Sóller to Cap Formentor (the tail end of the island).

Or perhaps you’re into walking and ready for a new adventure? Then head into Majorca’s Grand Canyon. Trekking through the Torrent de Pareis in the Tramuntana mountains is extremely challenging but probably the most remarkable hike on the island. You can explore the canyon in either direction. If you opt for the route from Escorca to Sa Calobra, the trail is all downhill…until you eventually reach the sea…

Anyone who hasn’t yet fallen in love with Majorca will do so at this point. And many will undoubtedly start dreaming of having their own property on this sunshine island.

Real Estate Mallorca – Sóller