A stroll through Sineu

Off into the heart of Majorca…to Sineu. There is a market held here every Wednesday morning – and it’s an impressive one! This is Majorca’s largest weekly market and it has a tradition going back centuries. Goods were being traded here way back at the beginning of the 14th century. Today, it sells vegetables, fruit, cheese, sausage, flowers, earthenware bowls, t-shirts, straw hats and much more. You’ll even see ponies, goats, donkeys and hens for sale, as well as the black pigs and red sheep so characteristic of Majorca.

A stroll around the market is really invigorating, with the mix of products and such a vast selection. And it’s virtually assured that no visitor will leave empty-handed.

Real Estate Mallorca – Sineu

Celleres – a specific kind of restaurant culture

Sineu provides one of the most traditional gastronomic experiences that Majorca has to offer. Going back to the old days, traders and customers would traditionally stop in at one of the wine cellars in the town (called a celler) to fortify themselves after the market. Today, you can still do it and it’s an experience not to be missed. Try the Celler Es Grop, Celler Son Toreo or Celler Can Font, for example. All of them are fairly rustic and wonderfully authentic. The Celler Can Font dates back to the 13th century or so; the gothic arches give it away. It’s also interesting to see the enormous, round-shaped wine casks made of holm oak and olive wood, which have survived the passage of time. They call them “bótes” and some are around 350 years old. In fact, a celler was once primarily a place to sell the island’s wine.

The “Bodega of the Blonde”

Guests dine at long wooden tables, ordering Majorcan specialities such as pa amb oli (bread and oil) and frit mallorquí (a mix of beans, potatoes, paprika and quite often offal) along with simple wine, usually. German wine expert Eva Strunz runs “La Bodega de la Rubia” (“the Bodega of the Blonde”) and it’s a great place to get to know the fine wines Majorca has to offer.

Visible from afar

Right in the thick of village life is the church of Mare de Deu dels Angles with its large flight of steps. This church, which has a 16th century madonna figure, is a distinctive feature of Sineu. It’s very conspicuous, projecting out of the flat ground to lofty heights, and can be recognised from afar.
Right beside it, you’ll find the Bar Sa Plaça in the small square, as its name says. Perfect for a coffee. Just relax in the balmy air and let your cares float away…Sineu, we’ll be coming back! Soon – no, very soon – we’ll be back for the Wednesday market.

Real Estate Mallorca – Sineu