Beautifully snug, Cala Figuera

Fig trees and fishermen’s houses…Majorca reveals one of its most beautiful sides in the fig tree bay. That’s the translation of Cala Figuera, the snug little village with the elongated bay in the south-east of the Balearic Island. Because flourishing here alongside pine trees and palm trees, you’ll find the source of the place name, with deep green leaves and succulent fruits – the fig trees!

Cala Figuera in the municipality of Santanyí was highly esteemed by holidaymakers in the 1970s and 1980s, but interest waned considerably in the following years. Some hotels were demolished or converted into chic apartment buildings. Even now, sophisticated and stylish villas and freehold apartments are being built here. These are dream properties for foreign residents or anyone who might daydream about having a property in Majorca.

Real Estate Mallorca – Cala Figuera

Old fishing village atmosphere

The fact that Cala Figuera escaped tourism to a great extent is precisely what the village can now turn to its advantage – growing while at the same time retaining its original quality, its romantic Mediterranean atmosphere and the feel of “Majorca as it was in the past”. As well as fishing, tourism does indeed play a significant role and there are some really beautiful holiday homes – but the place is not totally dependent on it…

Sought-after photo model

From an aerial perspective, the fig bay looks like a Y, with two parts created by the two inlets Caló d’en Boira and Caló d’en Busques. Fishermen’s houses with the typical boathouses nestle against the shore. The sight is so picturesque that it’s probably one of the most-photographed subjects in Majorca. Caló d’en Busques is even deemed to be one of the most sheltered fishing harbours in all of the Balearic Islands. And here – alongside the cruisers and sailing yachts – you can still see the traditional Majorcan wooden boats called llaüts. Nets laid out on shore by the fishermen to dry in the sun complete the perfection of this idyllic picture postcard scene. Every July, locals honour the patroness of seafarers – in the “Festes de la Mare de Déu del Carme”, complete with live music and a boat parade.

Swimming and snorkelling

One of the reasons this place did not experience a meteoric rise in holiday tourism also has to do with the fact that Cala Figuera doesn’t have its own sandy beach for bathing and basking in the sun. But that doesn’t mean there’s any lack of options when you feel like plunging into that water – at the little pebble beach called Cala Figuera, for example. It conveniently has the same name as the village and it’s perfect if you simply want a swim or to go snorkelling. This rocky stretch of coast is certainly always a playground for the fish.

Beaches nearby

And then you have the playas nearby too, like Cala Santanyí just four kilometres away, for example. It’s about ten kilometres to Cala Llombards; families with kids especially will be in seventh heaven on this beach with its shallow water. And also recommended to enjoy the fun of bathing freely are the two natural beaches of Cala Mondragó and Cala S’Amarador.


If you’d like to do some hiking in the surroundings, you could head off to the lighthouse Torre d’en Bèu, for example. It’s on the eastern side of the bay. It’s also lovely to walk through the village itself. That way, you can do some exploring and find out where to go when you want to treat yourself, because Cala Figuera also has plenty to offer residents and guests from a culinary point of view. The selection ranges from fishermen’s pubs to bars and cafés to restaurants – either in the middle of the village or with breathtaking views of the water. Perfect for enjoying freshly caught seafood, a hearty paella, a palatable vino or some fine French cuisine!

Wining and dining!

You can find the delicious food à la française in the restaurant La Petite Iglesia, meaning the little church. There’s a good reason for the name, because you’ll be dining in the former church of Cala Figuera from the year 1938, right in the centre of the village. On the other hand, Es Port scores points with its enchanting location right by the water. The Bon Bar is in no way inferior in this respect either, coming up trumps with its outdoor spaces that have the best views of the opposite shoreline and the harbour entrance.

Excursion to natural beaches

And who wouldn’t want to go out on the water themselves at some point? Redstar Tours – as well as renting out boats, kayaks and standup paddle boards – offers boat trips directly from Cala Figuera between May and September. One of the options is a 2.5 hour trip along the south-east coast of Majorca including a stop for swimming in Caló des Moro and Cala s’Almunia. Are you longing to visit Cala Figuera yet?

From Palma de Mallorca Airport, it’s 50 kilometres… And golfing pleasure awaits at Vall d’Or Golf, featuring a varied 18-hole course with views of the Mediterranean.

Real Estate Mallorca – Cala Figuera