Cala Fornells and the concept of variety

The name Cala Fornells in the bay of Santa Ponsa in south-western Majorca makes fans of architecture sit up and take notice. Russian architect Pedro Otzoup (1917-2000) built holiday properties here in the 1970s that are reminiscent of a Latin American village. The houses are nested into one other and connected by little stairs and alleys. Although they follow a consistent style as regards colours and materials, each building has something all of its own that’s completely unique.

Real Estate Mallorca – Cala Fornells

Details matter

“Vive la difference!” and it’s all about the details! Specifically, features such as windows, balconies and chimneys differ between the buildings. Otzoup also opted to use the concept of variety when it came to the size and layout of the apartments in this complex, with each apartment being chopped up differently – and the whole ensemble appears as if it were made from one piece.

A property development becomes famous

In other words, the property complex of Aldea Cala Fornells in the municipality of Calvià is anything but boring or monotonous. On the contrary, it has achieved fame – as have the other Otzoup constructions in Majorca. The residents here have it good. They have the sea right at their feet, even if the coast around Cala Fornells is very rugged in many places. Still, the sandy Cala Fornells and the small coves of Caló de ses Llisses and Caló d’en Monjo offer wonderful bathing spots. And there’s also something great about the many rock ledges. Some are very level and even, so they’re perfect for sunbathing on a nice flat plateau far from the hustle and bustle.

Swimming, hiking, boating

Do you fancy a bigger sandy beach? Peguera is only about 20 minutes’ walk away. The walk in itself is certainly worthwhile, as you are rewarded with beautiful views of the bay of Peguera on the way. And you don’t have to set off at midday in the height of summer! By the way, if you like walks: behind the cove of Caló d’en Monjo, which is a good swimming spot, there’s a trail that runs to the old watchtower of Torre Andritxol and to Cap Andritxol.

It’s even more convenient to go by boat and there are boats constantly setting off from Peguera for trips that give visitors a chance to look at Cala Fornells from the water. Many of them end up sailing past the complex.

Real Estate Mallorca – Cala Fornells