Capdepera: a real medieval feeling

Located between Artà and Cala Rajada, Capdepera gives its visitors a historic welcome. Castell de Capdepera sits proudly high above this village in the east of Majorca, and there’s nothing like a castle to give you a real medieval feeling. It literally rises above it all, being built on the Puig de Capdepera – at 159 metres above sea level.

Real Estate Mallorca – Capdepera

A castle with vision

From here, you can even make out Minorca (75 kilometres away) when visibility is good. The strategists long ago knew exactly what they were doing when they chose this location! The exposed position of this defensive building made it a good lookout point to keep watch over the coastline and the much-navigated channel between Majorca and Minorca. It allowed them to get into position in time for the repeated attacks by pirates. When things got dicey, the fortress also provided refuge for the locals. You can walk on the massive 14th century defensive walls with two fortified towers and they still provide a wonderful lookout point today.

Museum paying homage to the fan palm

It’s also worthwhile to have a look into the interior parts of the castle. Here, you’ll see the church of Nuestra Señora de la Esperanza and the Miquel Nunis tower. You also have the Governor’s House (Casa del Gobernador), which houses a small museumMuseu de la Llata. It has a permanent exhibition dedicated to a native plant called llata, a species of fan palm. The leaves – bleached and dried – were and are still used to make baskets, bags, brooms and rugs. This is a strong tradition in Capdepera that to date has not faded into obscurity!

Summer melodies

Basket weavers demonstrate how they turn llata into products such as baskets at the medieval festival in May, which is called the Mercat Medieval. There, they join jugglers, jousters, merchants and falconers. Orderly hustle and bustle prevails at the street parades and dance shows. Music bands add to the atmosphere. And this is not the only occasion on which you can listen to melodic sounds ringing out against a unique backdrop. Unparalleled magic is guaranteed at the summer concerts performed in the setting of the fortress. It goes without saying that the coat of arms of this village of 12,000 inhabitants is adorned by just one thing – and that’s a castle.

Original charm

Capdepera is quite a phenomenon. Located just 2.5 kilometres from the tourist hotspot of Cala Rajada, the village has preserved much of its original charm, with its narrow streets and houses decked with flowers. So if you love the authentic Majorca, you’ve come to the right place. This must have been the feeling of the international residents and property owners who’ve established their main home or their second home in Capdepera, one of Majorca’s 53 independent municipalities.

Golfing in the mountains of the east

When you feel like a round of golf, you have the 18-hole course at Capdepera Golf. Though the first holes may seem relatively easy to play, it becomes more challenging after that as the second part runs up the hills of the Serres de Llevant, the mountains of the east. The 15th hole is so high up that it provides a fabulous view of the sea and the valley. There is an affiliated golf school that initiates beginners into the secrets of golf as well as giving advanced players tips on how to improve their technique. But regardless of whether you’re a beginner or an old hand – all this fresh air gives you an appetite. The golf course restaurant Roca Viva is devoted to Mediterranean cuisine. They often even serve their own home-grown vegetables.

In summer, you can savour the delicious fare on the terrace with a view of the 18th hole and a refreshing breeze from the mountains. And in winter, you can relax while indulging in fine food by a crackling open fire.

Real Estate Mallorca – Capdepera