Colonià de Sant Jordi, Cabrera and the vision in blue

The “colony of Saint George” was once a fishing village. Today, Colonià de Sant Jordi on the southern tip of Majorca has developed into a popular holiday destination with numerous hotels. It has also enticed many foreigners who love islands into buying their own property here. And with good reason!

Real Estate Mallorca – Colonià de Sant Jordi

Let’s go beach hopping

Majorca’s south coast is characterised by its numerous natural beaches and bays, just waiting to be discovered. The waters are calm, so they are also ideal for families. If you’re seeking adventure, you can set out beach hopping by boat (which you can rent in Colonià de Sant Jordi) and explore the area off your own bat. Ultimately, the different beaches compete with each other to offer you unforgettable beach experiences. Among others, you have Es Dolç, Can Curt, Es Carbó and Ses Roquetes. And in the harbour itself, you have the lively Platja d’es Port beach.

Colonià de Sant Jordi belongs to the municipality of Ses Salines, which means that the saltworks and Es Trenc beach are not far away either.

The Isle of Capri? No, it’s Cabrera!

If you don’t fancy taking the helm yourself, the marina and fishing harbour of Colònia de Sant Jordi is the point of departure for boat tours to the Cabrera Archipelago, which has various islands and the Blue Cave. The Isle of Capri? No, it’s Cabrera! Cova Blava is the Majorcan name for this cave that the sea has scoured out of the limestone rock. A combination of the orientation and the particular way that the light falls results in stunning colour effects. A vision in blue, shimmering in different shades. Swimming, snorkelling and diving are all allowed! An underwater world that’s rich in species awaits you.

Whales, dolphins, coral reefs

The crossing to the archipelago takes only about half an hour. The uninhabited “goat island“, Cabrera, is the biggest of the island group. This island and the surrounding islands and sea make up the largest land and marine national park in Spain. Altogether, the park extends over more than 90,000 hectares. The protected area is the habitat of many animal species and plants including marine mammals such as whales and dolphins, important coral reefs and large seagrass meadows. On the island, there is also a castle from the 14th century.

National Park information centre

If you find all this interesting, you can further deepen your knowledge back in Colònia de Sant Jordi at the information centre for the National Park. It has a marine aquarium with all kinds of creatures darting about in it! The visitor centre is modelled on a talayot, the megalithic structure so characteristic of Majorca. You can also have a beautiful stroll to the lighthouse of Colònia.

Banquet on the fishermen’s pier

Hungry? Then eat your way through the menu in Sal de Cocó on the fishermen’s pier, the Moll de Pescadors, in the heart of Colonià de Sant Jordi harbour. The dishes are absolutely scrumptious. And the view is gorgeous!

Real Estate Mallorca – Colonià de Sant Jordi