Flower of salt, flamingos, sacred spring

What makes this municipality in the southern part of Majorca unique? Quite a few things! Unbelievably beautiful beaches. Glittering white mountains by the sea. Amazing history. Bakeries that have made the place a Mecca for foodies…

Real Estate Mallorca – Campos

Vamos a la playa

When you hear the name Es Trenc, you think of bright, turquoise blue water, six kilometres of golden sand, and sheltering dunes with junipers and beach grass. Es Trenc is one of the most beautiful and most popular natural beaches in Majorca. It brings a touch of the Caribbean to the south of the island! There are repeated discussions here about the numbers of sun loungers, parasols and chiringuitos (the little beach bars).

However, that doesn’t detract from its appeal in the eyes of the sun worshippers, especially as there’s so much space that you can always find a quiet spot. And it goes without saying that the beach is a seemingly never-ending sandy paradise for children. Water babies can have hours of fun in the shallow water.

To be continued…to Sa Ràpita

There’s even more – you actually get two great beaches for one. Es Trenc eventually merges into Sa Ràpita beach. So if the first beach doesn’t float your boat, just continue on a little further…to the neighbouring beach of Sa Ràpita, which is around 1.1 kilometres long. You can get to Sa Ràpita easily by car and it’s also suitable for anyone with reduced mobility. The beach is bounded on the west by the Club Nàutic Sa Ràpita boat club. Evidently, water sports fans won’t come up short.

Extracting salt from the sea

White mountains against the backdrop of a sapphire blue sky – and it’s no illusion. It’s the Es Trenc saltworks, which can be seen from afar. Long ago, the Phoenicians were already extracting this precious condiment from the sea here. Salt workers now also harvest flor de sal (also known as flower of salt or fleur de sel) in this ancient cultivated landscape. This is one of the best gourmet products made in Majorca and it’s also exported to different countries.

White gold

The fine flower of salt crystals are mild and aromatic and full of valuable minerals and trace elements. By the way, you can visit the pools used for extracting the salt by booking in advance. In the on-site shop, you’ll find various salt products on the shelves including salt flakes, flower of salt crisps and different varieties of flor de sal elaborated with ingredients such as rose petals or black olives.

What can you find stalking through the water?

Around 170 bird species have settled in this wetland area on the largest of the Balearic Islands. They include warblers, marsh harriers and flamingosgreater flamingos, to be precise. Part of this region is designated a nature conservation area.

Cheese from Majorca

The municipality of Campos also has one of the few cheese dairies in Majorca, called Formatges Burguera. It’s on the road from Campos to Colònia de Sant Jordi. A third generation of owners make delicious cheeses by hand the old, traditional way! Their products include fresh cheese, semi-mature cheese (queso semicurado) and mature cheese (queso curado). You rarely see dairy cattle in Majorca, although there is a long tradition of agriculture and livestock farming in this part of the island. It’s not without reason that the place is called Campos – fields.

Premier league

On the subject of food, the Pomar bakery on the main street of Campos itself – in situ since 1902 – has become a major centre of attraction. More than a few foodies make pilgrimages here from the entire surrounding area. They travel for the ensaimadas with apricots – or the savoury version – with sobrassada! Or the delicious cakes, fruit tartlets and French-style chocolates! Or the “cocas” with a generous vegetable topping…so tasty!

Basically, Pomar’s products play at the very top of Majorca’s baking league. You can consume them on the premises too if you like, and order a café con leche or a water while you’re there.

Three minutes’ walk away, the parish church of Sant Julià houses an exceptional art treasure – the painting “Santo Cristo de la Paciencia”. The artist is none other than the great Spanish baroque painter Bartolomé Esteban Murillo (1618–1682).

The sacred spring

Majorca’s only hot spring bubbles from the ground about ten kilometres from Campos. It’s called Font Santa – the sacred spring. A hotel of the same name there offers spa treatments. If you fancy some spa and wellness time, you can enjoy the benefits of the therapeutic water in the hotel’s spa area even if you’re not booked into the hotel. It is said that the Romans knew of the springs and utilised them way back in those times. The small health resort of “Banys de Sant Joan de la Font Santa” then developed there in the 19th century.

Popular location

Campos is a great location if you’re looking for property on the island. Majorca’s capital Palma is 35 kilometres away, with its vast range of shopping and cultural options. The international airport of Son Sant Joan is a bit closer still.

Real Estate Mallorca – Campos