Holidays, art and music in Cala Rajada

In the north-east of Majorca, Cala Rajada prepares to show itself at its best. The name Cala Rajada can be translated as “ray bay”. This is a cosy harbour on one hand, and a popular haven for holidaymakers on the other. What’s more, it’s the largest holiday resort in the north-east of the island, and yet the place has retained its charisma. It’s absolutely wonderful to stroll along the seaside promenade. Fish and seafood lovers will be delighted with the seafood restaurants here, which always serve freshly caught fish of the day. Cala Rajada is still an important fishing port in Majorca.

In October, Cala Rajada gets dorado fever with a fair called “Mostra de la Llampuga”. At this gastronomic spectacle, everything revolves around the gold-coloured dorado fish and you can sample many different variations of it right there on the spot.

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Four beaches for swimming and fun

Beachgoers have a choice between the fine sandy beach at Cala Agulla, Cala Son Moll, Cala de Sa Font and the mini bay of Cala Gat with its shady trees. In the evenings, there are various disco hotspots where party animals can dance the night away.

If you’re not such a night owl and prefer less hubbub, it’s a nice idea to visit the summer residence of the famous Majorcan March banking family – “Sa Torre Cega” – a bit above the town centre. The property contains a sculpture garden that has more than 40 works by various artists including Henry Moore. The gardens of the mansion exemplify one of the most artistic parks on the island!

Culture in the banker’s garden

That’s not all. During the summer, the gardens become a setting for cultural performances in the open air. This follows a family tradition. The foundation was laid way back in the previous century by the wife of the company founder Juan March – art enthusiast Leonor Servera – who organised open-air- cinema days.

The highlights of the present-day events are the “Serenates d’Estiu”, the summer serenades, where musicians demonstrate their skills in the open air. At these concerts, listeners can take a seat on the large main stairway leading to the house entrance, on a chair or simply on a cushion. Not only is it a treat for the ears, but also a feast for the eyes – with Cala Rajada and the sea seeming to lie almost at the feet of the audience.

Real Estate Mallorca – Cala Rajada