Pollença with a heavenly backdrop

Pollença is so much more than a cute town in the north of Majorca with a colourful Sunday market and the Calvari Steps in the centre of town, which feel like they’re leading right up into the heavens. Pollença also represents the Majorcan way of life. It has plenty of art, an international music festival and impressive architecture, including the former Dominican convent containing a cloister with round arches, as well as churches of Gothic and baroque origin.

Real Estate Mallorca – Pollença

Magnificent flowers and Majorcan specialities

The bustling Sunday morning market alone is so full of life that it warms the heart of every visitor. At this “mercat”, which extends from Plaça Major to Plaça de Ca les Monnares, you can shop, browse, unwind and leave your cares behind. There are about 300 stalls offering a range of fruit and vegetables, an abundant array of magnificent flowers, cheese, sausage, honey, handicrafts,…and so on. Pollença is definitely a great spot for shopping. The shops are many and varied – including stores selling decorative items, footwear and children’s clothing, fashion and accessory boutiques, chemists, delicatessens and organic shops.

Climbing Calvary Hill

If you haven’t ended up with too much in your shopping basket, you could perhaps take a little break in one of the surrounding cafés or bars before setting off uphill to the little pilgrimage chapel on Calvary Hill. This involves climbing the 365 steps (one for each day of the year) of the Calvari, which is a cypress-lined Way of the Cross. It goes up to a height of 123 metres, but don’t let that put you off because it’s well worth the effort! When you reach the top, you’ll be absolutely enchanted by the stunning view of the town and the mountainous scenery of the north.

Outlandish Galería Maior

One of the most interesting contemporary art galleries in Majorca can be found in Pollença. It is called the Galería Maior and has been in existence for over 30 years. More than three decades, during which this gallery has always provided a forum for the extraordinary and the outlandish, the innovative and the “never seen before”. It has participated in major art fairs in Madrid, Cologne, Miami and New York. And it’s not least thanks to the numerous contacts of the gallery owners that such extraordinary exhibitions are brought to this beautiful part of Majorca.

Pont Romà stone bridge

The bridge over the Sant Jordi stream is called the Roman Bridge. Even so, it hasn’t been determined whether it truly is evidence from the time when the Romans had incorporated Majorca into their empire (123 BC to around 425 AD). It was not until the beginning of the 15th century that there were references to the existence of the bridge – under the name Puente de Cubelles. However, some believe that it was part of the aqueducts that ran to the ancient city of Pollentia, which is Alcúdia today. In any case, the bridge has always served and continues to serve the residents of Pollença well. As recently as the 20th century, for instance, it was the only way to cross the stream when the water was high.

Picnic on the monastic mountain

It is not only Calvary Hill that may entice you to climb skyward. There is also the Puig de Maria to the south-east of Pollença, with an altitude of about 330 metres. Waiting for you at the top is the Santuari de la Mare de Deú del Puig. Like the Dominican convent in the town, this holy site is a former monastic complex. It was founded in the year 1348. A real highlight, as it were; just the views of the 1,000m+ peaks Puig Tomir and Puig Roig and the bays of Pollença and Alcúdia make the trip worthwhile. And the site at the summit is also a beautiful place for a family picnic.

Heavenly hostel

Why not sleep in the accommodation up here in the heavens? If you just can’t get enough of what you see and want to spend more time here,you can stay overnight in the Santuari. Bear in mind, though, that Easter time brings an end to the peace and quiet. During these feast days, half of Pollença not only heads for Calvary Hill in the town itself, they also “scale” Puig de Maria in a procession – after which the “Festa del Puig” is duly celebrated with music and dancing.

But you do have plenty more choice of places to stay in Pollença, in really nice hotels. And if you owned your own holiday property or a second home here in Majorca, you could simply choose any time you wanted to nip over to the Puig de Maria mountain.

Real Estate Mallorca – Pollença